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We passionately share a common vision, which is:
 - to safe-keep the ancient craft of midwifery by tending, nourishing and passing on the traditional hands-on midwifery skills which we believe to be a woman’s heritage and birth-rite.

What we offer:

 • Advanced Doula / Birth Assistant Training with basic midwifery skills.

  -You will learn traditional and contemporary birthing wisdom, hands on skills to care for woman during the child-bearing year, alongside a path of woman craft, ceremony and ritual.

2020 Training – details here. Dates to follow.

 • Pregnancy Retreats with a focus on nurturing and reassurance

 - An opportunity to relax, replenish and deepen into the journey of your pregnancy and prepare for birth. Delicious and nutritious food, spa facilities  and treatments, and a birth preparation programme facilitated by us to answer questions and support your process.

Next Retreat: tbc.

 • Mentoring and Supervision

 For our Sacred Birthing students:- we offer a comprehensive mentoring programme and the possibility of on-going supervision to sustain your passion and confidence in your practice and support you to continue learning.

For :-

  • Midwives

  • Doulas

  • Birth assistants 

  • Childbirth educators

in the UK and Internationally, offering on-line and face to face sessions focused on supporting practice, de-briefing, birth stories , self-care and reflection.

'Women of the Earth

Receives life.

Cares for life

Births life.'

Carmen Vicente.

Medicine Woman. Bearer of Altars.Head of Dance of the Sun and Spirits.

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Sacred Birthing are:
Fiona Shaw

" My midwifery journey began in 1993 after the birth of my daughter. 

I began working as a lay midwife in Spain in response to women who asked me to accompany them before, during and after their births. 

After returning to England, I trained and worked in the NHS... more

Samara Hawthorn

" My passion for birth-tending began with the birth of my own daughter in 1995. 
I went on to train in Shiatsu at the Zen School in London, and in 2000 began to specialise in Shiatsu for Maternity Care with Suzanne Yates of WellMother and became a WellMother Teacher... more