Supervision for doulas, and birth assistants

 - with Fiona Shaw

I offer one-to-one supervision for midwives, doulas, and birth assistants. 

My role is to support you in your process, so that you are free and able to be fully present for the women you are supporting.

My desire is to ensure and sustain your passion for birth work, and encourage and support the gifts you have to offer to this field. It is useful, for example, to have support before a birth if there are things that you are uncomfortable with and feel might become obstacles in the birth room.
You might also find it useful after a birth, to debrief and reflect on how you have worked and what you might do more of, or differently, next time.

These sessions can be:
 - face-to-face
 - by Skype
 - or by phone

But first, please contact me using the Contact Us form or by phone (07917 333090).



" Thank you Fiona..your kindness, deep wisdom, guidance and warmth which really helped me to see myself with perspective, loving kindness, and you reconnected me to my intuition and my own knowing. I left feeling more confident and with more clarity about the next steps I needed to take. I truly appreciate your special gift to guide without directing or suggesting, to let a person find their own path. "

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Mentoring is the bridge between completion of the training and feeling confident to start practising.

It is a requirement if you wish to be a registered Sacred-Birthing practitioner.

The mentoring process requires you to attend a minimum of six births, or cases in your specialisation, over a maximum of three years. For each birth attended you will need to write a case-study, keep records, reflective diary and have three one-to-one sessions.


I offer one-to-one online and in person mentoring sessions.

As an experienced Doula I offer you the the opportunity to debrief and deeply reflect on your practice.

I offer support and reflection for your personal journey as well as client work and review of case studies.

I encourage you to bring all that you are to the sessions as we embark on a journey of discovery and depth together.

-with Samara Hawthorn

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Fiona holding a Birth Trauma workshop in Berlin-March 2018, Linked with Flamingo project.