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‘Join us on a journey of reclaiming women’s wisdom, birth knowing and deep personal transformation.’


We passionately share a common vision, which is to safe-keep the ancient craft of midwifery by tending, nourishing and passing on the traditional hands-on midwifery skills which we believe to be a woman’s heritage and birth-rite.

Natural birth is being profoundly threatened by the current medicalised birthing paradigm, which does not support women’s innate, embodied wisdom.

In the current birthing climate, doula’s, birth assistants and birth-wise women are needed now, more than ever before, as staffing levels leave women unaccompanied, alone and frightened. They need courage, confidence and commitment to support women on their transformational journeys. In order to do that, we feel they need more skills, experience and personal support on this vocational path of depth and fulfillment.

The four elements of Sacred-Birthing:

Being 'with woman'

We trust that a birthing woman, who feels safe and supported, and is not interfered with, can follow her own rhythm and instincts, let her body and hormones lead the way will birth her child naturally. We support our students to develop the art of being and ‘not doing’. As students understand and recognise the natural birthing process, they can embody confidence for the women they are supporting, and develop the skills of presence, observation and attention, ready to step forward only when necessary.

We weave ceremony with ritual, sharing our joint experience of 40 years of working with women in the childbearing year, through embodied story-telling, role play, touch, breath and other therapeutic tools.


Basic midwifery skills-

We are hearing from doulas that they are currently finding themselves in challenging positions, which their training has not always prepared them for. Sacred-birthing training offers knowledge and understanding of basic midwifery skills, so that doulas will feel confident to advise and support with advising and support women to take back control of their bodies, health and wellbeing.

Personal transformation.

Birth is a rite of passage for women, and as a consequence it is a time when many feelings, issues, emotions emerge which invite healing in preparation for the next phase of a woman’s life. This training is similar, and will evoke many personal feelings, which it’s important to be aware of before supporting women on their journey. The safety and holding of our circle will support you to dive deep, feel vulnerable and emerge again stronger and with more self-awareness.

Feminine leadership.

We at Sacred-birthing believe that the feminine style of leadership is being called for in these times, as we witness the patriarchal ways sideline, harm and dishonour women and the Earth. Working with women through the childbearing year, calls forth leadership in the community through co-operation, collaboration, creating groups, circles and networks of support. It invites the activist and radical thinker. We will support and help you with deepening into your own practice and expression of feminine leadership.