Congratulations to our frist year of Doula students.

Strong, sensitive and wise women.


'The Sacred-Birthing training was so much more than just a Doula course. I learnt about exploring my power, sensitivity, vulnerability and wildness. I faced challenges, and grew through them supported by a beautiful circle of women. I learnt old wisdom that is fast being forgotten in our culture. Wisdom that I discover can never really be lost, as my body already knows, it's just a matter of re-remembering, and over the months I found myself remembering.

This training was rich, filled with wisdom and inspiration and I am grateful to Fiona and Samara for guiding us through it'


'Role play was a powerful tool, becoming whoever you want to be, and in doing so you FEEL the feelings, have the thoughts and somehow transform into the role.  I could imagine myself  as a Doula...'


'For myself on this journey it has


away a lot of the fear that surrounds

childbirth and I feel that should I ever

have the privilege of carrying a child,

I could welcome it and be in reverence

of the journey.'


'The herbal knowledge was very inspirational and engaging.

Foraging for, and collecting the herbs made the learning for me much more real and exciting.'


This has been one of the most life-affirming journeys I have ever had the privilege to embark upon.

Learning about the female body is fortifying in many ways, the mystery of being a woman, de-mystified and made whole, sacred, beautiful. The herbal knowledge and the engaging of like-minded women in search of a better way to assist each other at a most sacred and delicate time, makes this one of the most important studies I have taken.


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