Module One


 'Nourishing the seeds of our dreams' 

Pre-Conception and Conception


The journey of conception.

Examining the current birth paradigm - culture of denial around birth and death.

Exploring the emerging Birthing paradigm - honouring of natural cycles and rhythms of life, death and regeneration.

Feminine power and leadership.

Whispers in the womb - healing the past, honouring the present.

Cycles of fertility - lunar tides and life spirals.

Nurturing the conditions and environment for conception.

Nourishment of body and whole being.

Herbal support for family fertility.


Module Two

‘ The creative life is growing within’



The journey of pregnancy.

Normal pregnancy - changes in mother and baby during the journey of gestation.

Art of observation and touch - being with woman and baby. 

Birth Preparation classes.

On-going care of mother and family.

Herbs and nutrition to nourish new life.


Module Three


 ‘Emerging from the 'unseen' to the ‘seen’. Birthing beauty’

Birthing into the world


The journey of birth

Being ‘with woman.”

Normal, natural birth-stages and how to support.

Natural and Medical Pain management.

Emergency situations. 

Herbal nourishment and support


Module Four


‘‘Birthing into the world’

Babymoon and beyond.


The journey of new life- 

Care in golden hour and first six weeks.

Changes in mother and baby.

Feeding options.

Breast -feeding demonstration and practice.

Rites of passage- new mother.

Mental health in the child-bearing year.

Nurturing, attachment and bonding

Herbal support and nourishment for mother and baby.

Preparation for practice as Doula.


Alongside, and threaded through each module is a focus on the individual, inner process of each student and what is creatively emerging in them which is both personal and or might be an offering to the world.