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We are excited that you are drawn to join us on this unique training.
By applying for this training, the expectation is that you will attend all of the residential modules and do the study in between. It is potentially a demanding year, and the more you can dive in and immerse yourself in this subject, the more you will bring to, and receive from each module. Therefore, it is important that you are well supported by your families and friends. 

Please answer the questions below so we have a sense of why you want to join us on this journey.

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We will be in touch within two weeks of receiving your application, to arrange a phone or Skype call with either one of us, prior to offering you a place. 

Mentoring and Accreditation process

Mentoring is the bridge between completion of the training and feeling confident to start practising.

It is a requirement if you wish to be a registered Sacred-Birthing practitioner.

The mentoring process requires you to attend a minimum of six births or 6 sessions in there area of your specialisation, over a maximum of three years. For each birth attended you will need to write a case-study, keep records, write a reflective diary and have three one-to-one sessions.


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